Setting up cgminer on Mac OS for mining with USB Block Erupter

Hi all,

I just got my first USB Block Erupter miner (to try out) and since I was also looking for the best way to setup mining with USB Block Erupter I wanted to share my experience. Hopefully it will be useful for others.

As mentioned in the title I am working on Mac OS V10.7.5 on Macbook Pro. My mining software of choice is cgminer (and please don’t ask e why).

I am going to use Homebrew for installation. If homebrew is not already installed on your Mac, you can install it by a simple command:


Once installed, it’s time to install cgminer itself. But first we need to let homebrew know about additional repository, so let’s tap the repository:


Now install cgminer:

I prefer to use the latest and greatest code for installation, hence the –HEAD. If you decide to use the latest stable version, simply run the installation without –HEAD.

When installation is complete, we can check if it’s properly installed by running:

as response you should get something like this:

cgminer 3.12.0


It’s time for USB Block Erupter!

Plug the Erupter into USB port. You can now check if Erupter is connected, by:

If everything  is working, you should see something like:

* I have only one device installed.

Everything is perfect!!!


Time for some mining!

Simply run:

Hostname, username and password depend on the pool you are using. See specific instructions for the pool.

cgminer determines USB devices automatically (probably this is one of the reasons I chose it). Once you run the above command, wait until mining boots up.

When miner begins working, you will see a status screen similar to:


From now on, just wait and see the numbers growing :)

Good Luck!

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