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Checking bitcoin sync status on command line

If anyone runs plane bitcoind (on *nux systems), as in any other case, it will take a while to sync all the blocks from the network. The question is, how can you see what is the current status without using

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Setting up cgminer on Mac OS for mining with USB Block Erupter

Hi all, I just got my first USB Block Erupter miner (to try out) and since I was also looking for the best way to setup mining with USB Block Erupter I wanted to share my experience. Hopefully it will be useful

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Trying out Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Hi there, It’s been a while since I started to dig into Bitcoin world. I even started to look for miners (for now something small, to try out without huge investment). While looking for Bitcoin mining hardware I came a

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Children Run

Good day to all! As you all know we have many fundraising events to collect money to support cancer research. Unfortunately there is no much fundraising is done to support pediatric oncology. On Sunday June 2, 2013, BC Children’s Hospital will

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reCAPCHA rules

This is an absolute insanity!!! As I mentioned in my first post (about an hour ago) I literally just installed this blog. Within the last hour I have 12 registered users. I am not against people registering, anybody is welcome, but these are

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Starting from zero

So this is fun! I used to have a blog which was not very active, but at least it was mine. At some point my domain has expired and I was too busy with family work and a bit more

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