Checking bitcoin sync status on command line

If anyone runs plane bitcoind (on *nux systems), as in any other case, it will take a while to sync all the blocks from the network. The question is, how can you see what is the current status without using some fancy UI client?

The idea is simple:

  1. Get current local block count
  2. Get the blockcount from blockchain
  3. The difference is what you want

So, one of the possibilities is to create a simple bash script:

Note: when we run bitcoind command we must provide a reference to a valid bitcoin.conf file. So just simply adjust it to the correct path on your system.

Now let’s run it and get the result


Happy syncing :)

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Setting up cgminer on Mac OS for mining with USB Block Erupter

Hi all,

I just got my first USB Block Erupter miner (to try out) and since I was also looking for the best way to setup mining with USB Block Erupter I wanted to share my experience. Hopefully it will be useful for others.

As mentioned in the title I am working on Mac OS V10.7.5 on Macbook Pro. My mining software of choice is cgminer (and please don’t ask e why).

I am going to use Homebrew for installation. If homebrew is not already installed on your Mac, you can install it by a simple command:


Once installed, it’s time to install cgminer itself. But first we need to let homebrew know about additional repository, so let’s tap the repository:


Now install cgminer:

I prefer to use the latest and greatest code for installation, hence the –HEAD. If you decide to use the latest stable version, simply run the installation without –HEAD.

When installation is complete, we can check if it’s properly installed by running:

as response you should get something like this:

cgminer 3.12.0


It’s time for USB Block Erupter!

Plug the Erupter into USB port. You can now check if Erupter is connected, by:

If everything  is working, you should see something like:

* I have only one device installed.

Everything is perfect!!!


Time for some mining!

Simply run:

Hostname, username and password depend on the pool you are using. See specific instructions for the pool.

cgminer determines USB devices automatically (probably this is one of the reasons I chose it). Once you run the above command, wait until mining boots up.

When miner begins working, you will see a status screen similar to:


From now on, just wait and see the numbers growing :)

Good Luck!

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Trying out Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Hi there,

It’s been a while since I started to dig into Bitcoin world. I even started to look for miners (for now something small, to try out without huge investment).
While looking for Bitcoin mining hardware I came a cross number of cloud mining services. The only one that actually was promising enough was CEX-IO, so I decided to join them and I wanted to share it to the world.

Here is my current status with investment of only $100.

Will see how much it actually produces :)

I’ll share the results once I’ll have something…

Also, if anyone can share his experience, I’d be happy to hear.

Good luck to me!

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Children Run

Good day to all!

As you all know we have many fundraising events to collect money to support cancer research. Unfortunately there is no much fundraising is done to support pediatric oncology.
On Sunday June 2, 2013, BC Children’s Hospital will be holding a great event in support of pediatric oncology. It will be great if you would join our team DanDan in our 1k run (or 5k), followed by very fun family event (bouncing castles, face painting, performances, etc..).

To support or to join our team , please follow the link:

Thank you very much for your support,
And have a lovely weekend!

2013 ChildRun – BCCHF Superhero Pages
As the largest family fun run in Vancouver, ChildRun inspires participants to raise funds for childh…
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reCAPCHA rules

This is an absolute insanity!!!

As I mentioned in my first post (about an hour ago) I literally just installed this blog. Within the last hour I have 12 registered users. I am not against people registering, anybody is welcome, but these are bots.

Well, reCAPCHA will probably solve this craziness…

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Starting from zero

So this is fun!
I used to have a blog which was not very active, but at least it was mine. At some point my domain has expired and I was too busy with family work and a bit more work. Eventually, I was too late to even renew it (usually nobody can buy expired domain for about 2 months after expiration). The funniest part was when I received an email, couple of says after these two months ended, offering to my poor expired domain for a generous discounted price of $200!!!
At that point I realized again that I am in the wrong business :)

Anyways, it was kind of a wake up call and I’ve registered new domain with a promise to myself to maintain it this time.

So, welcome everyone. The blog is still completely fresh install and will be changing over time.

Let’s the new blog begin!

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